Atmos Dining

Join Us for an Out of This Universe Experience in the Fort Lauderdale Arts District

An epic fine dining journey that will invigorate all your senses. Allow technology and gastronomy to come together and create an unforgettable immersive dining experience for you and your friends. 

Immersive Dining

Atmos provides a truly multisensory event, beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before. Leave your bags and passports home but bring your appetites and imaginations.

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 by Claudia Leon on Atmos Dining
Tremendous Experience

Tremendous experience I had never been in a restaurant with such a unique and original concept, I traveled to 4 countries while eating a tasty local meal, all divine!! definitely 100% recommended!!!!!

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As seen on Deco Drive

‘Atmos’ immersive dining brings European dishes to South Florida without the need to book a flight

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